Country Songwriters Night

January 25
Pittsburgh Country Songwriters Showcase

Join Frank, The Hobbs Sister's, Cody Gibson, and Mike Cali for the first ever Country Songwriters Showcase at Club Cafe. Tickets are only $10 and proceeds benefit The 1008 Club to raise awareness about mental health

Chris Higbee Weekend

January 11

Frank and the boys will be joining fellow Pittsburgh Country Artist Chris Higbee at Yankee Bootleggers in Brookfield Ohio Friday night.

Froggy Radio

August 19
Place That Aint Too Crowded

"Place That Ain't Too Crowded" has been added to rotation at Froggy Radio Pittsburgh!

Call and request at 1.866.983.9898 Thanks for your support!

Warm Beer T's and Tanks

June 27
Warm Beer

Teaming up with our friends at Love Notes special "Warm Beer" merchandise will be available for a limited time only! These sales go directly to supporting Music Education in Schools!